IESA Boys Wrestling
2018 State Meet Results
Last updated at 6:48 pm on Saturday, March 10, 2018
185 Pounds
Andrew Moore, LeRoy     Connor Holly, Sandwich
Nate Schaefer, Morrison JHS   Nate Schaefer
Dec 4-2     Fall 3:26 Nate Schaefer
Kody Marschner
Caleb Christiansen, Libertyville Highland MS     Caleb Christiansen M-Dec 9-0
Colby Flanders, Petersburg PORTA JHS   Kody Marschner, Braidwood Reed-Custer
Dec 4-2     Fall 0:50 Kody Marschner
Justin Muller
Evan Bly, Fulton River Bend     Justin Muller, Woodridge Jefferson Fall 1:59
Niccolas Sundeen, Lincoln JHS   Evan Bly
Fall 2:25     Fall 1:48 Justin Muller
Nathan Rosas
Connor House, Roxana     Connor House Fall 3:29
Riley Corneliuson, Wilmette JHS   Nathan Rosas, Harvard JHS CHAMPIONSHIP
Fall 1:42     Dec 8-3 Kody Marschner, Braidwood Reed-Custer
Jack Weltha, Bloomington JHS
Jairo Carmona, Rockford Flinn     Gabe Shultz, Taylorville JHS Fall 1:34
Gavin Engh, DeKalb Huntley   Jairo Carmona
Dec 4-0     Fall 2:52 Gabe Shultz
Mateo Casillas
Mateo Casillas, Pontiac JHS     Mateo Casillas Dec 6-0
Diego Martinez, Romeoville Lukancic   David Mun, Vernon Hills Hawthorn North
Dec 3-1     Dec 6-1 Gabe Shultz
Jack Weltha
Trevor Zikuda, Lisle     Jack Weltha, Bloomington JHS Dec 5-2
Briar Russell, Antioch   Trevor Zikuda
Dec 6-2     Fall 1:51 Jack Weltha
Jason Farnham
Frank Oliveira, Bolingbrook Jane Addams     Frank Oliveira M-Dec 11-1
Blake Shirey, Wilmington   Jason Farnham, Sterling Challand
Fall 3:05     Fall 1:10
Bye     Nate Schaefer, Morrison JHS
Caleb Christiansen, Libertyville Highland MS   Caleb Christiansen ⇒ Gabe Shultz, Taylorville JHS
    Fall 2:00 Nate Schaefer Nathan Rosas
        Nathan Rosas Dec 4-3
Bye     Evan Bly Fall 3:49  
Evan Bly, Fulton River Bend   Nathan Rosas, Harvard JHS THIRD PLACE
    Dec 4-2SV Nathan Rosas, Harvard JHS
        Jason Farnham, Sterling Challand
Bye     Mateo Casillas, Pontiac JHS Dec 6-1
Jairo Carmona, Rockford Flinn   Jairo Carmona
    M-Dec 10-0 Mateo Casillas
        Jason Farnham Jason Farnham
Bye     Trevor Zikuda Dec 7-0 ⇒ Justin Muller, Woodridge Jefferson
Trevor Zikuda, Lisle   Jason Farnham, Sterling Challand M-Dec 11-2
    Fall 0:34  
        Gabe Shultz, Taylorville JHS
        Justin Muller, Woodridge Jefferson
        Fall 0:51

Class History

The IESA sanctioned boys wrestling in 1980. There was one class of wrestling until 2019 when the activity was split into A and AA based upon enrollment.

How Class Split is Determined

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