Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes of the IESA Board of Directors

January 24, 2003

The regular winter meeting of the Board of Directors was held January 24, 2003, at the IESA Office, Bloomington, Illinois.

The meeting was called to order on January 24 by Vice-President Silvey at 1:00 p.m. The following members were present: Lee, Hochstatter, Spiezio, Irwin, Isackson, Silvey, Lindsey, Birkey, Fitzanko, Cox, Carr, and Graham. Mr. Link arrived at 1:10 p.m. and Mr. Mulligan arrived at 1:15 p.m. Also present were Steve Endsley, Nicole Schaefbauer, and Julie Cochran from the IESA staff.

Motion by Lindsey/Graham to approve the September, 2002 regular meeting minutes. Carried.

Mr. Spiezio presented the Treasurer's report. Motion by Graham/Isackson to approve the Treasurer's report and file for the auditor. Carried.

Division Reports

Division C--Mr. Spiezio inquired about the possibility of adding a school's FAX number to the game contracts. IESA staff will look into this possibility.

Board members from Divisions D, G, H, I, K, and M all reported being contacted about the wooden baseball bat issue. No action was taken as the issue is part of the baseball advisory committee recommendations.

Assistant Executive Director's report

Mrs. Cochran presented the Assistant Director's Report. She informed the Board that a survey will be sent to schools participating in volleyball about rally scoring. The National Federation Volleyball Advisory Committee has recommended to the National Federation Board of Directors that rally scoring be implemented for the 2003-04 school year. This is only a recommendation and has not been formally approved by the NFHS Board of Directors. It is possible that even if the NFHS Board approves of rally scoring, the IESA will maintain the current scoring system. The survey is designed to gauge the interest of rally scoring with IESA member schools.

Motion by Spiezio/Silvey to set game times for each day of the state softball finals as follows: Class A: 10:00 a.m., 12 noon, 2:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m.; Class AA: 10:30 p.m., 12:30 p.m., 2:30 p.m. and 4:30 p.m. Carried.

Associate Executive Director's report

Mrs. Schaefbauer presented the Associate Executive Director's Report. She informed the Board that an 8th grade girls basketball regional was canceled because no school was willing to serve as the regional host. Also, she reported on the number of ejections that have been reported to the IESA Office for girls and boys basketball. She informed the Board of two schools that have used ineligible players on their boys basketball teams this year. Both schools will be notified of the penalty that will be assessed for using ineligible players.

Executive Director's report

Mr. Endsley gave the Executive Director's report. He informed the Board that divisions B, F, G, H, and I will be up for election this spring. It was announced that Thursday, May 1, 2003, will be the date of the 5th annual IESA Scholar Attitude Award luncheon. Mr. Stephen Bargatze, a staff member from the Tennessee Secondary School Athletic Association, will be the guest speaker. Discussion was held concerning a report of an assistant volleyball coach who is also a school resource officer that was wearing a gun while coaching. No action was taken although the Board will discuss this more should further instances arise. The Board was informed of the insurance increases the Association will incur; was updated on the technology work that Craig Johnson has been doing for the Association, given a chart showing the officials' grant requests that have been funded by the IESA and the IHSA, and received an updated financial report listing the receipts from the IESA Official Photographer, The Sports Section. Mr. Endsley informed the Board of receipts received from Absolute Jewelry during the cheerleading championships. A request was received from this company to sell merchandise at the remaining IESA championships. Motion by Graham/Isackson to allow Absolute Jewelry to sell merchandise at the remaining IESA state athletic contests. Carried. Because of anticipated recommendations from the basketball and volleyball advisory committees that would affect playing dates, the host interest forms and pocket calendars will be mailed to member schools after the April 4, 2003 Board meeting.

Old Business

Criteria for attendance at the 2003 NFHS summer meeting held in Chicago and future meeting attendance was discussed. Mr. Endsley presented recommendations for attendance at the 2003 meeting and future meetings. Motion by Birkey/Spiezio to accept the recommendations as presented. Carried.

A financial report from the cheerleading event held in December, 2002 was presented to the Board. Motion by Hochstatter/Graham to approve of an organization meeting of cheerleading coaches to discuss the IESA competition and form a cheerleading advisory committee. Carried.

New Business

Some recent changes to the IHSA cooperative team guidelines may necessitate some changes to the IESA guidelines. The IESA By-Laws committee will study these changes and present their recommendations to the Board for consideration.

On July 19, 2002, former Governor George Ryan signed into law Public Act 92-0703, granting signature authority to physician's assistants and nurse practitioners for school physicals. Motion by Graham/Lindsey, effective immediately, to change By-Law 3.061 and all references to the By-Law in the Situations, Questions, and Answers section of the Handbook to read as follows: "No student shall be permitted to compete in a try-out, practice, or game unless such student has filed with the school principal a certificate of physical fitness issued by a licensed physician, physician's assistant, or nurse practitioner as set forth in the Illinois State Statutes not more than one year preceding such tryout, practice, or contest in any athletic activity." Carried.

Board Committee Reports


Advisory Committee Reports

Baseball--Mr. Hochstatter presented the recommendations of the Baseball Advisory Committee that met on October 23, 2002. Motion by Hochstatter/Lindsey to change By-Law 4.0132 so it reads as follows: "Diamonds for all regular season and state series games shall be 80 feet square with the pitching distance at 54 feet. The distance from home plate to the middle of second base is 113 feet, 1 5/8 inches. All other sections of 2-1 should be followed. If a school desires to host the semi-final and championship games of the regional and/or a sectional contest their field must have the specifications listed above and the following: a fence 250 feet or more from home plate and a backstop that is a minimum of 20 feet and a maximum of 60 feet from home plate. Schools should not apply to host a regional or a sectional if their field does not meet these requirements. In cases where no field meets these specifications, then the schools assigned to the regional will meet to determine the regional host. First-round regional games which are played at the site of the higher seeded teams do not have to meet the home run distance or backstop requirement." Carried.

Motion by Hochstatter/Lindsey to change By-Law 4.0138 so it reads as follows: "All bats used in any level of IESA competition shall be made of wood. All other sections of 1-3-5 shall apply." Roll Call Vote: Ayes : Hochstatter, Lindsey, Link. Nayes: Birkey, Fitzanko, Cox, Mulligan, Carr, Graham, Lee, Spiezio, Irwin, Isackson. Motion defeated 10-3. Exec. Director Note: With this motion being defeated, there is a possibility that changes could still be made to the bat rule given the new BESR requirements mandated by the National Federation. Any changes for the 2003 season will be discussed at the April 4 IESA Board meeting and posted after the meeting. Until a final decision is made and posted on the IESA website, please refrain from buying any bat that does not meet the current minus 3 standard. Any new bat that meets all of the NFHS bat requirements will be a legal bat.

Motion by Hochstatter/Graham to add to By-Law 4.0134 that a 15 run rule be in effect. Carried. Exec. Director Note: Passage of this change means that the game shall end when the visiting team is behind 15 runs or more after 3 � innings, or after the fourth inning, if either team is 15 runs behind and both teams have had an equal number times at bat. The 10 run rule is still in effect for teams ahead by 10 or more runs after 5 innings (4 � if the visiting team is behind)

Motion by Hochstatter/Cox to change By-Law 4.0144 so it reads as follows: "A pitcher may not pitch more than a total of seven innings in any one day or nine innings on two consecutive days. If more than four innings are pitched on two consecutive days, then two days of rest must follow. On days when two games are scheduled, a pitcher can not pitch in the second game if the pitcher has pitched in four or more innings during the first game." Carried. Exec. Director Note: By-Laws 4.0145 and 4.0146 will be deleted.

Basketball--The Board received copies of the girls basketball financial reports.

Cross-Country--Ms. Isackson presented the recommendations of the Cross-Country Advisory Committee that met on December 12, 2002. Motion by Isackson/Spiezio to add to By-Law 4.324 and to the Terms and Conditions a statement that if a school runs more than seven individuals in the sectional race that all runners from that school in that race will be disqualified and may not advance to the state meet. Carried. Motion by Lee/Irwin to switch the team and individual medals so the current medal that is given to the top 25 individuals becomes the team medal and the current medal that is given to the top teams becomes the medal given to the top 25 individuals. Also, to award 15 team medals instead of 10 that are currently given. Carried. Motion by Hochstatter/Lee to develop a program that would recognize all 25 of the boys individual champions at the 2003 awards ceremony and all 25 of the girls individual champions at the 2004 awards ceremony. Carried. Motion by Isackson/Graham to change By-Law 5.0603 to increase the pay of the sectional starter to $35. Carried.

Softball--Mrs. Cochran presented the recommendations of the Softball Advisory Committee that met on October 30, 2002. Motion by Hochstatter/Cox to establish the following procedures for weather delays in case softball and baseball games cannot be played prior to the start of the IESA finals.

  • STEP ONE: If the weather conditions persist at the Regional or Sectional facility, the IESA may elect to designate an alternative field to complete play.
  • STEP TWO: If it is not possible to move the playing field and the games have not been played prior to the start of state play then the higher seed will advance.
  • STEP THREE: If the teams left have the same seed then a coin flip will be performed by the IESA office between the two teams on the Thursday prior to the start of the State Tournament play on Friday.

Roll Call Vote: Ayes: Hochstatter, Cox, Carr, Graham, Irwin Link Lindsey. Nayes: Lee, Spiezio, Fitzanko, Mulligan. Motion carried 7-4.

Speech--Mrs. Schaefbauer presented the recommendations of the Speech Advisory Committee that met on January 13, 2003. Motion by Graham/Spiezio to change By-Law 4.0822 and the speech terms and conditions so they read as follows: "Each pair of contestants shall stand before the judge at the appointed performance time. The judge shall give the team a prompt to be played humorously. Either of the contestants shall use the prompt, as given, as an opening line. No consultation time shall be allowed; the contestants must begin the scene immediately. After the scene has progressed for approximately two minutes, the judge will say "Stop". The performers must continue until the judge says, "Stop". The procedure is then repeated with a prompt to be played seriously, then finally with another prompt to be played humorously. The entire performance, including all three situations, shall be kept under an eight-minute (8) time limit by the judge." Carried. Motion by Hochstatter/Isackson to add as By-Law 4.0824 and to the Situations, Questions and Answers section of the handbook the following: "Contest judges must rate an entire duet entry and not just one individual from a duet. The contest host may allow an entry to perform but not receive a rating from a judge." Carried. Motion by Mulligan/Graham to include the rating criteria in the Terms and Conditions. Carried. Motion by Hochstatter/Cox to list Friday of weeks 17, 18, and 19 of the standardized calendar as possible contest dates in addition to Saturday of the same weeks. Carried. Motion by Lee/Irwin to change By-Law 4.0872 so it reads follows: "Speech contest host schools shall have a Speech Advisory Committee member or the designated Judge Representative conduct the judges' meeting at the beginning of the contest. This meeting shall be mandatory for all contest judges." Carried.

Sportsmanship--Mrs. Cochran updated the Board on the 2002 Sportsmanship Summits.

President Link presented Mr. Lindsey with a plaque recognizing his service to the IESA Board of Directors. Mr. Lindsey will resign his seat at the end of the January meeting. President Link will appoint an administrator from Division H for the remainder of the school year.

Motion by Cox/Lee to approve the expenses of the meeting. Carried.

There being no further business, President Link adjourned the meeting at 4:05 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Steve Endsley
IESA Executive Director

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