Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes of the IESA Board of Directors

June 9, 2000

The meeting was called to order by President Carrico at 10:00 a.m. The following members were present: Lee, Hochstatter, Spiezio, Carrico, Bolton, Lindsey, Birkey, Reising, Cox, Mulligan, Schmitz, & Graham. Dr. Silvey arrived at 9:30 and Mr. Link arrived at 11:45. Also present were Steve Endsley and Nicole Schaefbauer from the IESA staff.

Mr. Carrico appointed a committee to certify the tally of the recently-completed Board elections.

Motion by Schmitz/Lee to adopt the minutes of the April regular meeting. Carried.

Mr.Reising presented the Treasurer's report. Motion by Spiezio/Graham to approve the report and file for the auditor. Carried.

Division Reports

There were no other Division reports.

Assistant Executive Director's Report

Mrs. Schaefbauer presented her report to the Board. She reported that press releases will be written for all speech and music contests for next year and that results for these contests will be posted on the IESA web site.

Associate Executive Director's Report

Mr. Endsley gave the Associate Executive Director's report in Mr. Lucey's absence. Another meeting is being scheduled with the Chicago Public League School Administrators regarding the district's membership in the IESA. No additional information is available at this time.

Executive Director's Report


Old Business

Mr. Endsley thanked the Board for their support of the Scholar Attitude Program and for attending the recognition luncheon.

New Business

There was no new business.

Board Committee Reports

By-Laws--Mr. Bolton presented the By-Laws committee report. Motion by Bolton/Schmitz to combine By-Laws 3.021 and 3.022 into one By-Law so the enrollments used to determine the split between Class A and Class AA for all activities is the enrollment of the previous school year. Carried. Motion by Schmitz/Spiezio to change By-Laws 4.1052, 4.0282, and 4.0662 so three additional team medals are given to the top four teams in those sports. Carried. Motion by Reising/Mulligan to delete By-Law 3.123. Carried. Motion by Graham/Lindsey to change By-Law 2.127 so the IESA administrative staff hires state final officials. Carried. Motion by Graham/Lee to change the Question and Answer section of the Handbook so schools do not have the option to request that an official be changed for a contest in the state series. Carried. Motion by Graham/Mulligan to add the following to By-Law 2.082: "Member schools may practice with the high school in the same district as the member school." Carried. Motion by Lindsey/Spiezio to add as By-Law 2.083: "Member schools are not allowed to practice against other schools or allow students from their own school to practice with a different school." Carried.

Motion by Schmitz/Spiezio to change sections 1.092 and 1.102 of the Constitution so Board members may serve more than three consecutive years on Board and activity committees. Carried. Motion by Bolton/Lee to change sections 1.094 and 1.095 of the Constitution so administrators and officials who serve on advisory committees serve a three-year term. Carried. Motion by Spiezio/Mulligan to add the following statement to By-Law 5.093: "A game or match that is played even though the school failed to field the required number of starters within 10 minutes of the scheduled game time cannot be protested for that reason." Carried. Motion by Bolton/ to add as By-Law 5.124: "A player or coach ejected during the state series for unsportsmanlike conduct shall be ineligible for the next interscholastic contest at that level of competition." Motion died for lack of a second. Motion by Mulligan/Spiezio to change By-Laws 5.121 and 5.122 so a player or coach ejected from a contest for unsportsmanlike conduct shall be ineligible for all remaining interscholastic contests that day and the next interscholastic contest at the level at which the ejection occurred. Carried. Ex. Director's Note: This is a slight revision to the automatic ejection rule. Previously a player or coach who was ejected was required to miss the next game at the level at which the ejection occurred and all other contests at any level in the interim. The new rule requires the player or coach to sit out the rest of the day and the next interscholastic contest at the level at which the ejection occurred. i.e. A coach ejected from a 7th grade contest would have to miss the 8th grade contest the same evening and the next 7th grade contest. However, if there was just an 8th grade contest the next day prior to the next 7th grade contest, the coach could coach that 8th grade contest. Motion by Mulligan/Spiezio to delete By-Law 2.033. Carried. Ex. Director's Note: Deletion of this By-Law removes the opportunity for students from parochial non-member schools to participate with a member school provided they are in attendance for a part of the day and state aid is received for the part-time attendance. If a non-member school is in this situation, they will now be required to join the Association and participate as a cooperative team. Motion by Mulligan/Spiezio to remove the phrase in By-Law 3.091 "an athlete shall not participate in any coaching school for any interscholastic sport after his/her name has been included on a valid Certification List for that sport" and replace it with the following phrase: "no student who is a member of the school team in that sport shall participate in any coaching school/camp for that interscholastic sport". Carried. Motion by Hochstatter/Bolton to change By-Law 3.041 so a student becomes a member of the team whenever the student practices with the team or appears in a contest. Carried. Motion by Bolton/Lee to change By-Law 3.043 so that it reads as follows: "During the IESA season for a sport as defined for each sport in Division 4 of these By-Laws students shall not participate on any non-school team in the same sport as an individual or a team member. One Exception--Students may try-out for the school baseball or softball team while they are still a member of summer little league or all-star teams but may not practice with the school team while still participating for those teams. Violation shall cause ineligibility to be determined by the Executive Director." Carried.

Mr. Carrico recessed the meeting for lunch at 11:50 a.m. and re-convened the meeting at 12:15 p.m.

Finance--Mr. Reising presented the Finance Committee recommendations. Motion by Reising/Graham to award the state and sectional/non-athletic T-shirt bid for the 2000-2001, 2001-2002, and 2002-03 school years to MVP Sportswear, Tremont, IL.Carried. Motion by Reising/Lindsey to approve the purchase of two new laptop computers, a new printer and envelope feeder, and backup hardware and software, and labor to install at a cost of approximately $6,065. Carried. Motion by Graham/Hochstatter to approve the purchase of a new booth display at a cost not to exceed $1,500. Carried. Motion by Spiezio/Graham to approve the purchase of a new display for the pictures of the state champions and board/staff from A & M Products at an approximate cost of $3,500. Carried. Motion by Graham/Cox to change By-Law 5.051 so the Association will pay the entire cost of the plaques at the regional and sectional level in girls and boys basketball, volleyball, and wrestling. Carried. Motion by Graham/Schmitz to raise the admission fee for adults at the state finals from $3.50 to $4.00.Carried.Motion by Graham/Reising to raise the admission fee for students at the regional and sectional level from $1.75 to $2.00. Carried. Motion by Spiezio to make changes to the By-Laws pertaining to the amounts paid to state final officials as presented. Carried. Motion by Lindsey/Silvey to change By-Laws 5.0613 and 5.057 to raise the amount paid to Scholastic Bowl moderators at regionals $2 per match to $12, sectionals $3 per match to $15, and the state $5 per match to $20 and to increase amount reimbursed to each regional host to $22 per match and each sectional host $25 per match. Carried. Motion by Graham/Spiezio to approve Mary Ridgeway's attendance at a Microsoft Access workshop in Bloomington, IL on July 19-20 at a cost of $395. Carried. Motion by Mulligan/Silvey for the 2001-2002 school year to raise music entry fees to the following: solo $6 to $8; ensemble $12 to $15; choir $25 to $27; organization $50 to $55 and to pay music judges $20 an hour, no mileage. Carried.

Staff Relations Committee--Motion by Link/Silvey to approve the administrative staff employment agreements. Carried.

Advisory Committee Reports

Music--Mr. Mulligan presented the recommendations of the Music Advisory Committee. Motion by Mulligan/Lee to change By-Law 4.104 into two By-Laws 4.104 and 4.1041 in regard to live accompaniment. Carried. Motion by Schmitz/Cox to change By-Law 4.108 to the following: "All pieces performed at solo and ensemble contest must be a minimum of 32 measures long, not counting repeats." Carried. Motion by Silvey/Spiezio to change By-Law 4.112 to the following: "All music organizations may be directed by the organization's director, student teacher, or student director." Carried. Motion by Hochstatter/Graham to change By-Law 4.114 to the following: "All students participating in an IESA music contest must be a member of the school's band, choir, or orchestra. Students may participate in contest if there is no performing group available at their school of attendance." Carried. Motion by Schmitz/Cox to delete By-Laws 4.1231 and 4.1321. Carried. Motion by Link/Cox to add as By-Law 4.1271 and 4.1361: "Judges shall be music educators experienced in the area(s) they are assigned to judge. Carried. Motion by Hochstatter/Lee to add the following to By-Law 5.091: "The use of an ineligible participant for a non-athletic contest shall result in the forfeiture of any award to be received by those participants." Carried. Motion by Schmitz/Spiezio to increase the contest manager allowance from 4% of receipts to 5% of the receipts. Carried. Motion by Schmitz/Link to increase the hospitality expense on the financial report from $50 to $100. Carried. Motion by Schmitz/Spiezio to offer April 7, April 14, and April 21 as alternate dates for the 2001 Music Organization contests. Carried.

Scholastic Bowl-Mr. Lindsey presented the recommendations of the Scholastic Bowl Advisory Committee. Motion by Lindsey/Schmitz to require seeding meetings for all regionals with 6 or more teams. Carried. Motion by Lindsey/Lee to adopt the following Scholastic Bowl state series dates beginning with the 2000-2001 school year: Seeding meetings--Wednesday of week 41; Regionals--Tuesday of week 43; Sectionals-Monday of week 44; Class A & Class AA State--Friday of week 44. Carried. Motion by Schmitz/Silvey to change By-Laws 4.1541, 4.1542 and 4.1543 to allow 30 seconds for toss-up questions involving computations in any category. Carried. Motion by Spiezio/Schmitz to add to By-Law 1.095 so a Scholastic Bowl moderator serves a three year term on the Scholastic Bowl advisory committee. Carried. Motion by Reising/Silvey to add to By-Law 4.1573 that teams are not charged for their one clarification time-out if the error was correctable. Carried. Motion by Lindsey/Silvey to clarify By-Law 4.15821 by changing the word "awarded" to "offered". Carried.

Because of other commitments, Mr. Birkey, Mr. Hochstatter, and Mr. Mulligan needed to leave the meeting. A quorum was still present.

Track & Field--Mr. Graham presented the recommendations of the Track & Field advisory committee. Motion by Graham/Schmitz to add the following sentence to By-Law 4.0733: "Contestants who meet the qualifying standards in the preliminaries or semi-finals of the hurdles or 100 meter dash but do not finish first or second in the finals shall advance to the state meet." Carried. Motion by Graham/Link to clarify By-Law 4.0722 so that no changes may be made to the Sectional Entry Form after the seeding meeting. Carried. Motion by Graham/Link to change By-Law 4.0731 so it reads as follows: "In all interscholastic track and field meets, no member school shall allow a student to participate in more than four (4) events. Each student shall be further limited to participation in two track and one field event and one relay; or two field and one track event and one relay; or two relays, one field and one track event; or two field event and two relays. Relay teams may have five students listed. Any four of the five runners listed may run at either the sectional or state level of competition. Students may only be listed for two relays. If a students is listed for two relays, one of the relays must be the 4 x 400. No student may participate in both the 4 x 100 relay and the 4 x 200 relay." Carried. Motion by Lee/Spiezio to change By-Law 4.0732 so it reads as follows: "Each student shall be limited to participation in only one track division (7th grade or 8th grade) per meet with the exception of relays. Students in grades 5-7 competing at the 7th grade level of competition may compete in one relay at the 7th grade level and one relay at the 8th grade level; or two relays at the 7th grade level; or two relays at the 8th grade level. Students in grades 5-7 competing at the 8th grade level of competition may compete in one relay at the 7th grade level and one relay at the 8th grade level; or two relays at the 7th grade level; or two relays at the 8th grade level. Students in eighth grade may only compete at the 8th grade level. Please note relay limitations in By-Law 4.0731." Carried. Motion by Graham/Link to lower the starting heights for the pole vault and high jump at the state meet so they are equal to the starting heights of the sectional meet. Roll Call: Ayes: Lee, Link, Cox, Graham Nayes: Spiezio, Carrico, Bolton, Silvey, Lindsey, Resing, Schmitz Motion defeated. Motion by Graham/Reising to change By-Law 2.125 so the IESA Office hires the starter for each track sectional. Carried. Motion by Graham/Lindsey to change By-Law 4.0764 so all relay teams that place at the state meet are awarded 5 medals. Carried.

Mr. Schmitz, who previously had been appointed by President Carrico to chair a committee to canvass the election ballots, reported the tally was correct.

Dr. Silvey presented the recommendations of the Nominating Committee. Motion by Silvey/Lindsey to accept the Nominating Report. Carried.

Motion by Graham/Spiezio to approve the expenses of the meeting. Carried.

Motion by Schmitz/Graham to adjourn the regular meeting sine die. Carried.

Mr. Endsley announced the election results and seated the re-elected members of the Board. Mr. Hochstatter (Division B), Dr. Silvey (Division G), Mr. Lindsey (Division H), and Mr. Birkey (Division I) were all re-elected. In Division F, Mr. Jeff Miller, Principal at Sciota Northwestern was elected to replace Charles Bolton who is retiring. However, Mr. Miller informed the Board that he accepted a new position outside of Division F. Therefore, Mr. Mike Davies, Principal at Liberty, who received the second most votes in the election was seated as the Division F member.

Current President of the Board, Leeon Carrico, resigned from the Board because he is retiring as Principal of Forrest Prairie Central.

The Board of Directors was re-organized as presented by the Nominating Committee. Officers and Activity Liaison appointments for 2000-2001 are as follows: President: John Link; Vice-President: Joe Spiezio; Secretary/Treasurer: Bill Reising; Art: Mike Schmitz; Baseball: Jim Hochstatter; Softball: Division E Replacement; Cross-Country: Sue Silvey; Basketball: Jerry Birkey; Wrestling: Steve Lee; Volleyball: Tom Cox; Track & Field: Ron Graham; Music: Tom Mulligan; Speech: Mike Davies; and Scholastic Bowl: Earl Lindsey. Board Committees are as follows: Finance: Bill Reising, Joe Spiezio, Ron Graham; By-Laws: Steve Lee, Mike Davies, Division D replacement; Staff Relations: Sue Silvey, Jerry Birkey, Tom Mulligan; Long-Range Planning: Jim Hochstatter, Tom Cox, Earl Lindsey, Mike Schmitz.

President Link took over as the 34th President of the IESA Board of Directors. Plaques were given to retiring Board members Mr. Bolton and Mr. Carrico.

Motion by Schmitz/Cox to ratify all previous legal affairs of the Association. Carried.

New Business for New Board


There being no additional new business, motion by Lee/Graham to adjourn. Carried. President Link adjourned the meeting at 2:05 p.m.

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