IESA Girls Volleyball
2018 Regional Bracket/Results
Class 7-1A Regional 14
Regional Host: Pocahontas
Sorento (1st Seed)    
BYE Sorento25 25      
Pocahontas (4th Seed)23 25 25    Pocahontas19 14  
Lovejoy (5th Seed)25 20 11  Sorento14  
Morrisonville JHS (2nd Seed)25 25         MORRISONVILLE JHS25 25  
Mulberry Grove JHS (7th Seed)  Morrisonville JHS25 25  
Brussels (3rd Seed)25 25     Brussels14  
Mt. Olive (6th Seed)16  

Class History

From 1976 to 1984 there was one class of Girls Volleyball, which was split equally into Class A and Class AA by school size in 1985. From 1989 through 2006, Classes A and AA were further divided into 7th and 8th grade levels (7A, 7AA, 8A and 8AA). Starting in 2007, the Association adopted a four class system in each grade level (7-1A, 7-2A, 7-3A, 7-4A, 8-1A, 8-2A, 8-3A and 8-4A). The current classification system assigns 25% of the schools to each of the four classes.

How Class Split is Determined

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