IESA Scholastic Bowl
2009 Class AA Sectional Pairings
Sectional A @ Barrington Middle School - Station Campus
Round 1  Barrington Station  vs. Lincolnshire Daniel Wright  Wauconda  vs. Cary 
Round 2  Barrington Station  vs. Wauconda  Lincolnshire Daniel Wright  vs. Cary 
Round 3  Barrington Station  vs. Cary  Lincolnshire Daniel Wright  vs. Wauconda 
Sectional B @ Humphrey Middle School
Round 1  Willowbrook Westview Hills  vs. New Lenox Martino  Lemont Old Quarry  vs. Minooka 
Round 2  Willowbrook Westview Hills  vs. Lemont Old Quarry  New Lenox Martino  vs. Minooka 
Round 3  Willowbrook Westview Hills  vs. Minooka  New Lenox Martino  vs. Lemont Old Quarry 
Sectional C @ Northlawn School
Round 1  Coal City  vs. Streator Northlawn  Peru Washington  vs. Sycamore 
Round 2  Coal City  vs. Peru Washington  Streator Northlawn  vs. Sycamore 
Round 3  Coal City  vs. Sycamore  Streator Northlawn  vs. Peru Washington 
Sectional D @ Bourbonnais Upper Grade Center
Round 1  Forrest Prairie Central  vs. Danville North Ridge  Mahomet-Seymour  vs. Bourbonnais UGC 
Round 2  Forrest Prairie Central  vs. Mahomet-Seymour  Danville North Ridge  vs. Bourbonnais UGC 
Round 3  Forrest Prairie Central  vs. Bourbonnais UGC  Danville North Ridge  vs. Mahomet-Seymour 
Sectional E @ Glasford Illini Bluffs
Round 1  Mackinaw Dee-Mack  vs. Metamora GS  Dunlap MS  vs. Macomb 
Round 2  Mackinaw Dee-Mack  vs. Dunlap MS  Metamora GS  vs. Macomb 
Round 3  Mackinaw Dee-Mack  vs. Macomb  Metamora GS  vs. Dunlap MS 
Sectional F @ Petersburg (PORTA)
Round 1  Rochester  vs. Springfield Franklin  Springfield Lincoln  vs. Downs Tri-Valley 
Round 2  Rochester  vs. Springfield Lincoln  Springfield Franklin  vs. Downs Tri-Valley 
Round 3  Rochester  vs. Downs Tri-Valley  Springfield Franklin  vs. Springfield Lincoln 
Sectional G @ Turner Junior High
Round 1  St. Jacob Triad  vs. Litchfield  Staunton  vs. Jacksonville Turner 
Round 2  St. Jacob Triad  vs. Staunton  Litchfield  vs. Jacksonville Turner 
Round 3  St. Jacob Triad  vs. Jacksonville Turner  Litchfield  vs. Staunton 
Sectional H @ Central A & M Middle School
Round 1  Charleston  vs. Assumption Central A & M  Robinson Nuttall  vs. Taylorville JHS 
Round 2  Charleston  vs. Robinson Nuttall  Assumption Central A & M  vs. Taylorville JHS 
Round 3  Charleston  vs. Taylorville JHS  Assumption Central A & M  vs. Robinson Nuttall 

Class History

From 1989 to 1996 there was one class of Scholastic Bowl, which was split equally into Class A and Class AA by school size in 1997, our present classes.

How Class Split is Determined

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