IESA Scholastic Bowl
2009 Class A Sectional Pairings
Sectional A @ St. Columba School
Round 1  Sterling St. Mary's  vs. Ottawa Wallace  Lindenhurst Millburn West  vs. Newark Lisbon 
Round 2  Sterling St. Mary's  vs. Lindenhurst Millburn West  Ottawa Wallace  vs. Newark Lisbon 
Round 3  Sterling St. Mary's  vs. Newark Lisbon  Ottawa Wallace  vs. Lindenhurst Millburn West 
Sectional B @ Roanoke-Benson Junior High School
Round 1  Roanoke-Benson  vs. Streator Woodland  Metamora St. Mary's  vs. Lostant 
Round 2  Roanoke-Benson  vs. Metamora St. Mary's  Streator Woodland  vs. Lostant 
Round 3  Roanoke-Benson  vs. Lostant  Streator Woodland  vs. Metamora St. Mary's 
Sectional C @ Limestone Community High School
Round 1  Peoria Limestone Walters  vs. Elmwood  Bartonville Monroe  vs. Sparland Midland 
Round 2  Peoria Limestone Walters  vs. Bartonville Monroe  Elmwood  vs. Sparland Midland 
Round 3  Peoria Limestone Walters  vs. Sparland Midland  Elmwood  vs. Bartonville Monroe 
Sectional D @ Cissna Park Junior High
Round 1  Paris Crestwood  vs. Champaign St. Matthew  Arthur  vs. Piper City Tri-Point 
Round 2  Paris Crestwood  vs. Arthur  Champaign St. Matthew  vs. Piper City Tri-Point 
Round 3  Paris Crestwood  vs. Piper City Tri-Point  Champaign St. Matthew  vs. Arthur 
Sectional E @ Thomas Metcalf School
Round 1  Bloomington Holy Trinity  vs. Bloomington Cornerstone  Washington St. Patrick  vs. Mason City Illini Central 
Round 2  Bloomington Holy Trinity  vs. Washington St. Patrick  Bloomington Cornerstone  vs. Mason City Illini Central 
Round 3  Bloomington Holy Trinity  vs. Mason City Illini Central  Bloomington Cornerstone  vs. Washington St. Patrick 
Sectional F @ Carrollton Grade School
Round 1  Lewistown Central  vs. Carrollton GS  Mendon Unity  vs. Cuba 
Round 2  Lewistown Central  vs. Mendon Unity  Carrollton GS  vs. Cuba 
Round 3  Lewistown Central  vs. Cuba  Carrollton GS  vs. Mendon Unity 
Sectional G @ Our Savior's Lutheran
Round 1  Springfield Christ the King  vs. Springfield Our Savior's  Aviston  vs. Raymond Lincolnwood 
Round 2  Springfield Christ the King  vs. Aviston  Springfield Our Savior's  vs. Raymond Lincolnwood 
Round 3  Springfield Christ the King  vs. Raymond Lincolnwood  Springfield Our Savior's  vs. Aviston 
Sectional H @ Geff Grade School
Round 1  Effingham St. Anthony  vs. Beecher City  Neoga  vs. Newton St. Thomas 
Round 2  Effingham St. Anthony  vs. Neoga  Beecher City  vs. Newton St. Thomas 
Round 3  Effingham St. Anthony  vs. Newton St. Thomas  Beecher City  vs. Neoga 

Class History

From 1989 to 1996 there was one class of Scholastic Bowl, which was split equally into Class A and Class AA by school size in 1997, our present classes.

How Class Split is Determined

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