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Speech Prompts: Improv

Humorous: Look at that baby's head.
Serious: This day could not get any worse.
Humorous: I'm entering this in the art show- what do you think?

Humorous: Oh, no, not the mustard!
Serious: I wish I had never said it.
Humorous: Help me- I have to write my own version of the Three Little Pigs!

Humorous: Mom said to finish feeding the baby.
Serious: I can't believe we lost the game.
Humorous: I tried to make my own outfit for the school dance- just look at this mess!!

Humorous: Did you hear what happened in PE class this morning?
Serious: I'm not eligible to play ball this week.
Humorous: Let's try to fix the computer so I can get my paper done.

Humorous: Just pour the milk into this bowl.
Serious: I knew this would happen.
Humorous: How do you plan to redecorate your bedroom?

Humorous: But I thought you said today was pajama day.
Serious: Some friend you are.
Humorous: There is something green and slimy dripping out of your freezer.

Humorous: It's your turn to walk Fido.
Serious: My Dad just lost his job.
Humorous: My little sister just ruined my night!

Humorous: Was that a clown I just saw you with?
Serious: I can't give you the answers to the test.
Humorous: I'm a great cook- come see what I made.

Humorous: Look at this computer screen.
Serious: Why can't you go on the class trip?
Humorous: But officer, I'm due on stage in ten minutes.

Humorous: No, Mr. Principal, I wasn't throwing food.
Serious: I never thought he would do it.
Humorous: I told you chocolate pudding wouldn't work.

Humorous: Isn't that your Mom who's singing off key?
Serious: I asked you not to tell anyone.
Humorous: You know, a funny thing happened to my term paper.

Humorous: Is this seat taken?
Serious: I wish I were popular.
Humorous: I thought only knights wore armor.

Humorous: Did that lamp just move?
Serious: So what do we do now?
Humorous: You can't park that elephant here.

Humorous: Now you just set the ball on this little tee.
Serious: I'll never make it. I know I won't.
Humorous: Wow! Look at these headlines.

Humorous: Hush, the teacher is coming over.
Serious: I wish I had never said it.
Humorous: This popcorn is where?

Humorous: Karaoke is not my idea of fun.
Serious: Can't you talk about it?
Humorous: Wasn't that your dog in the elevator?

Humorous: Grandma could teach you how to dance.
Serious: Are you sure we should be doing this?
Humorous: My locker has been stolen!

Humorous: I lost my teddy bear.
Serious: Please forgive me.
Humorous: I'm thinking of taking up water ballet.

Humorous: Isn't that your little brother out on that ledge?
Serious: What if I change my mind?
Humorous: I didn't know you could do that with chocolate.

Humorous: When was the last time you cleaned out your locker?
Serious: I'm sorry but I just can't do this.
Humorous: Do you think the teacher will believe what happened to my homework?

Humorous: How do I look in my new outfit? Did you mean that? Maple syrup is for pancakes and waffles.
Serious: Don't you think you should tell someone?
Humorous: I'm not kidding. I'm really Abe Lincoln

Humorous: You left your homework where?
Serious: Let's quit. I've had enough.
Humorous: All I need is one egg and two gallons of ice cream.

Humorous: No, I don't want to be the Little Mermaid again for Halloween.
Serious: Nobody likes me.
Humorous: I never knew Siberia was this cold.

Humorous: What is that on your face?
Serious: Do you realize how that makes me feel?
Humorous: This isn't a flying saucer. . .it's a Ford.

Humorous: What is this in my Cracker Jack Box?
Serious: What if we get in trouble?
Humorous: C'mon you're a genie; you have to grant me three wishes.

Humorous: Help me, this faucet won't shut off!
Serious: This is the last time I'm telling you.
Humorous: I'm telling you it won't work.

Humorous: But, Officer, I wasn't speeding.
Serious: Tell me that again. It won't work.
Humorous: How did you get locked in the principals office?

Humorous: I don't think that was made to fit up your nose.
Serious: This was my last chance and I blew it.
Humorous: I just heard it on TV..

Humorous: Oh no! I broke it!
Serious: It's not my fault!
Humorous: What did you say when your Mom brought that home?

Humorous: Is that what you are going to wear?
Serious: I can't believe he said that.
Humorous: Did you ever feel like you needed a good scream?

Humorous: I have never been so embarrassed.
Serious: But, coach, I know I can do it.
Humorous: Did you see that lady's baby?

Humorous: I have never seen such an ugly hat.
Serious: You won't believe what my mom did this morning.
Humorous: Did you hear what Sally did in PE today?

Humorous: The last time I saw him he was blond.
Serious: Some friend you are.
Humorous: If you don't mind, it won't matter.

Humorous: It's your turn to babysit the Heller's.
Serious: Are you nervous?
Humorous: Cucumbers, I need cucumbers.

Humorous: Are you really wearing that to the dance?
Serious: Why do we have to fight all the time?
Humorous: Why is ravioli in Fido's bowl?

Humorous: I can't shut the water off.
Serious: You won't be playing.
Humorous: Honey, we just had triplets.

Humorous: Our furnace just quit, and it's 20 degrees below zero.
Serious: Did you hear what I heard?
Humorous: This isn't sugar, it's salt.

Humorous: Mary had a little what?
Serious: Why don't you just admit it?
Humorous: You flushed what?

Humorous: Goldilocks? She's here?
Serious: I tried everything I could to stop him.
Humorous: How did the cat get in the dryer?

Humorous: Where did you hide that water balloon?
Serious: I was hoping you wouldn't see that.
Humorous: We haven't fixed the hole in the floor yet.

Humorous: Don't answer the phone.
Serious: Are you feeling any better today?
Humorous: I can't believe you said that.

Humorous: Two bucks? That's all?
Serious: Calm down and tell me all about it.
Humorous: Use the force, Luke.

Humorous: I've got it under control.
Serious: Who cares if it's bad for me?
Humorous: I just saw the tooth fairy.

Humorous: There is something rather strange in your locker.
Serious: I've given you my reasons, please try to understand.
Humorous: Why is the clown crying?

Humorous: Where is the remote?
Serious: This is really stupid.
Humorous: That bull is looking right at us.

Humorous: Please tell me it isn't permanent.
Serious: How are you this morning?
Humorous: Noah, where are the water buffalo?

Humorous: Do you think the teacher will believe what happened to my homework?
Serious: don't ask me that again.
Humorous: President Clinton is at the door.

Humorous: How did you get locked in the Principal's office?
Serious: Can't you just try?
Humorous: Do we have to do the whole exercise?

Humorous: What's that smell?
Serious: You're going nowhere fast.
Humorous: DoeDoe? You called me a DoeDoe?

Humorous: It cost how much?
Serious: I've got something to tell you.
Humorous: Pick it up! You dropped it!

Humorous: Oh, does it hurt?
Serious: What did your dad say when he found out?
Humorous: I can't swim.

Humorous: I didn't know you could do that with chocolate
Serious: Someone is going to find out sooner or later
Humorous: Move over, that's mine.

Humorous: Bring in the clown.
Serious: Even when you're gone, we can still be friends.
Humorous: I didn't think anybody could jump that high.

Humorous: The preacher is watching us.
Serious: Somebody needs to do something about it.
Humorous: Would you give me a break?

Humorous: I'll lock them up in the dungeon.
Serious: Some friend you are.
Humorous: Move it, Bubba!

Humorous: Opera? But you don't even sing.
Serious: Now the paper is finished.
Humorous: Really officer, I'm innocent.

Humorous: You are never going to believe what just happened!
Serious: The electricity is off.
Humorous: Where do you buy your clothes?

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