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2018 7th Grade Class 1A Girls Basketball

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When: Saturday, Dec. 1 and Thursday, Dec. 6, 2018

  • Quarterfinals (4 games beginning at 10:00 a.m.) Saturday, Dec. 1
  • Semifinals (2 games beginning at 5:00 p.m.) Saturday, Dec.1
  • Third Place and Championship Games (2 games beginning at 6:00 p.m.) Thursday, Dec. 6

Where: Assumption Central A & M, 404 E. Colegrove Rd., Assumption, IL 62510

Host School: Assumption Central A & M

Playing Schedule:

Go to the IESA web site Click on the underlined words "Girls Basketball" in the box at the top of the home page. The schedule showing the town location, dates and times of the games is on the girls basketball page. Click on the word "INFO" to see a report of that game as it is in progress, and a recap of the game when it has been completed.

Saturday Ticket Prices:

  • Adults and High School Students: $7.00
  • Students K-8: $3.00
  • Senior Citizens (62 and older): $3.00
  • Children Younger Than Kindergarten: Free

Thursday Ticket Prices:

  • Adults and High School Students: $5.00
  • Students K-8: $2.00
  • Senior Citizens (62 and older): $2.00
  • Children Younger Than Kindergarten: Free

Tickets will go on sale one hour before the first game on each tournament day.

The main entrance of the school will be the fan admission gate.

Where To Stay:

Hotels/motels in the area may be working with a local Convention and Visitor's Bureau to establish IESA rates for the event and should be your preferred properties. Regardless of where you choose to stay, be sure to tell the person taking your reservation or checking you in that you are attending the IESA State Final Girls Basketball event.

Weather Situations:

Delays or Postponements: Fans should go to the IESA web site for up-to-date information.

How To Get To The Game Site:

Where To Park:

Buses should unload at the front entrance of the gymnasium and then
park in the back of the school near the Industrial Arts Shop.

Where to Sit:

The IESA, in conjunction with the host school, assigns sections in the stands to be used by the fans of the competing teams in each game. Fans following their team are requested to sit in the stands on the side of the gymnasium where their cheering section has been assigned. All seats for fans are unreserved. IESA may reserve some seats at and/or behind the scorer's bench, or elsewhere, for the news media covering the game.

What To Wear and What Not To Wear:

We suggest you wear clothing in school colors to support your team and to help distinguish your cheering section in the stands.

Be prepared for all types of weather.

IESA By-laws require that all fans attending an IESA state series contest wear shirts at all times they are on the site of the state final event. Shirts must be worn as designed by the manufacturer. Body paint is prohibited. This means spectators and athletes cannot have body paint concealed under their clothing and then remove clothing to display the body paint. Face painting is acceptable. Hair can be any color.

Signs and Banners and Flash Photography

IESA By-laws do not allow the displaying of signs, banners, balloons, and such, at the site of a state final event. Keep them at home.

Flash photography is probhited during game play at the state tournament


IESA By-laws do not allow the use of noisemakers at the state final event. Examples of items that are not allowed include, but are not limited to, Cow Bells, Thunder Sticks, Milk Cartons with rocks inside, shakers, whistles, electronic sound making devices, and such. Come to the state final event ready to clap and cheer for your athletes.

Official Programs:

Printed programs, with team photographs and rosters and other information about the competing teams will be on sale the days of the state final for $5.00 each. They also may be purchased from the IESA Office following the conclusion of the state final if they are available. Price per program by mail is $7.50, which includes the cost of postage and handling.

Purchase Your Own Special Ad In The Official Program:

Parents, fans and/or the school or school booster club may purchase an advertisement in the printed program. The cost varies according to the size of the ad. Deadline for ordering an ad is Thursday prior to the start of the tournament.

Royal Publishing produces the IESA State Final Programs and sells the ads that appear in them. Contact Tanya Hollingsworth or Charity Church at Royal Publishing for details. Please call (800) 397-5834.

Purchase Team/Individual Photos:

Event Pro Photography is the official photographer of the IESA. Before your team's first game, a photographer will take individual and team pictures of all participants and immediately produce a sample IESA souvenir photo plaque that contains a picture of your player and the team. A representative will show the plaque to parents, giving everyone an opportunity to purchase it before the game begins at a cost of $35. All orders will be delivered back to the parents by the end of the game. Team only photo plaques are also available to purchase for $30. A team official can preorder photos from school prior to the state final event by calling Event Pro Photography, Monday-Thursday at (309) 689-0299.

Event Pro Photography will be headquartered inside the school on Saturday only. Orders can be made and picked up at the Event Pro Photography operation in the school.



The Cubby Hole is the official and only vendor authorized by IESA to provide fans attending the state final events with the official tournament souvenir apparel. It is highly encouraged that you pre-order your official IESA state apparel through The Cubby Hole's website prior to the event - pre-ordering through The Cubby Hole's website is the ONLY way to order your state apparel in advance (team orders done through the coach/school are no longer available). The lineup of souvenir apparel includes short-sleeve t-shirts at $17, long-sleeve t-shirts at $19, crew neck sweatshirts at $25, hooded sweatshirts at $30, shorts at $18, visors at $12 and caps at $12. For an additional cost, you can have your official apparel lettered the way you want it at the cost of $4 for your name, $3 for numbers and $3 for patches depicting the year, sport and the state qualifier patch.

Click on the Cubby Hole icon at the bottom of the home page ( or on The Cubby Hole Links in this section to be taken to thier website to see the design(s) for this year's state finals and begin the pre-order process.

The Cubby Hole display and sales area is located in the state final site near the gymnasium. On Saturday, the Cubby Hole display and sales area will be in operation only during the four quarterfinal round contests that begin at 10:00 a.m. The display and sales area will be closed during the semifinals later Saturday. Cubby Hole staff will return to the state final site for the third place and championship contests and will have apparel unique to the final session available.

Official Balls:

The basketballs used in the IESA state final event are manufactured by Rawlings Sporting Goods Company of St. Louis. The ball model used is the CNTR285-IESA.