Girls Basketball

Girls Basketball State Tournament Scores
Class 7-1A: 2006-Current
2023 @ Assumption Central A & M MS
First Round Kinderhook Western 21-7 Peoria St. Jude
  Peru Catholic 23-20 Champaign St. Matthew
  Sigel St. Michael's 25-2 Rantoul St. Malachy
  Washington St. Patrick 42-13 Gardner
Semifinals Kinderhook Western 27-20 Peru Catholic
  Washington St. Patrick 39-11 Sigel St. Michael's
Third Place Sigel St. Michael's 27-13 Peru Catholic
Championship Washington St. Patrick 22-6 Kinderhook Western
2022 @ Assumption Central A & M MS
First Round Peoria Limestone Walters 16-12 Lockport Taft
  Washington St. Patrick 26-14 Cambridge JHS
  Sigel St. Michael's 36-14 Carrollton St. John
  Ottawa Wallace 28-24 Royal Prairieview Ogden
Semifinals Washington St. Patrick 39-6 Peoria Limestone Walters
  Sigel St. Michael's 44-14 Ottawa Wallace
Third Place Ottawa Wallace 31-26 Peoria Limestone Walters
Championship Washington St. Patrick 22-19 Sigel St. Michael's
2021 @ Assumption Central A & M MS
First Round Danville Schlarman 32-11 Kewanee Visitation
  Ottawa Marquette 29-12 Carrollton St. John
  Sigel St. Michael's 46-7 Armstrong-Ellis
  Lincoln West Lincoln-Broadwell 32-12 Peoria St. Jude
Semifinals Ottawa Marquette 34-31 Danville Schlarman
  Sigel St. Michael's 43-17 Lincoln West Lincoln-Broadwell
Third Place Danville Schlarman 32-19 Lincoln West Lincoln-Broadwell
Championship Sigel St. Michael's 32-24 Ottawa Marquette
2019 @ Assumption Central A & M MS
First Round Ashland A-C Central 20-15 Sigel St. Michael's
  Bartonville Monroe 39-19 Decatur Holy Family
  Ottawa Marquette 30-16 Annawan
  Lincoln West Lincoln-Broadwell 49-18 Cissna Park
Semifinals Ashland A-C Central 38-18 Bartonville Monroe
  Lincoln West Lincoln-Broadwell 30-23 Ottawa Marquette
Third Place Bartonville Monroe 28-17 Ottawa Marquette
Championship Lincoln West Lincoln-Broadwell 25-20 Ashland A-C Central
2018 @ Assumption Central A & M MS
First Round Lincoln West Lincoln-Broadwell 53-16 Ashland A-C Central
  Annawan 30-14 Cissna Park
  Ottawa Wallace 45-22 Bartonville Monroe
  Mt. Pulaski 24-20 Sigel St. Michael's
Semifinals Lincoln West Lincoln-Broadwell 62-9 Annawan
  Ottawa Wallace 36-31 Mt. Pulaski
Third Place Mt. Pulaski 28-25 Annawan
Championship Lincoln West Lincoln-Broadwell 52-20 Ottawa Wallace
2017 @ Assumption Central A & M MS
First Round Carrollton St. John 25-19 Hume Shiloh
  Monmouth ICS 34-33 Sigel St. Michael's
  Morton Blessed Sacrament 30-25 Ottawa Wallace
  Lincoln West Lincoln-Broadwell 47-9 Piper City Tri-Point
Semifinals Carrollton St. John 19-17 Monmouth ICS
  Lincoln West Lincoln-Broadwell 44-21 Morton Blessed Sacrament
Third Place Morton Blessed Sacrament 32-25 Monmouth ICS
Championship Lincoln West Lincoln-Broadwell 51-15 Carrollton St. John
2016 @ Normal Chiddix JHS
First Round Pana Sacred Heart 40-31 Royal Prairieview Ogden
  Washington St. Patrick 20-17 LaSalle Trinity Catholic
  Lincoln West Lincoln-Broadwell 44-12 Piper City Tri-Point
  Carthage 28-14 Cuba
Semifinals Pana Sacred Heart 40-11 Washington St. Patrick
  Lincoln West Lincoln-Broadwell 28-27 Carthage
Third Place Carthage 36-18 Washington St. Patrick
Championship Lincoln West Lincoln-Broadwell 40-30 Pana Sacred Heart
2015 @ Normal Chiddix JHS
First Round Decatur Our Lady of Lourdes 34-15 LaSalle Trinity Catholic
  Danville Schlarman 41-27 London Mills Valley
  Normal Epiphany 27-21 Joliet Laraway
  Carthage 29-20 Sigel St. Michael's
Semifinals Decatur Our Lady of Lourdes 36-27 Danville Schlarman
  Carthage 26-12 Normal Epiphany
Third Place Normal Epiphany 37-36 Danville Schlarman
Championship Carthage 23-13 Decatur Our Lady of Lourdes
2014 @ Normal Chiddix JHS
First Round Decatur Our Lady of Lourdes 25-20 Sigel St. Michael's
  Jacksonville Our Saviour 42-24 Peoria St. Mark
  Lincoln West Lincoln-Broadwell 34-31 Danville Schlarman
  Pontiac St. Mary's 30-9 Lockport Taft
Semifinals Jacksonville Our Saviour 33-32 Decatur Our Lady of Lourdes
  Lincoln West Lincoln-Broadwell 38-24 Pontiac St. Mary's
Third Place Decatur Our Lady of Lourdes 37-10 Pontiac St. Mary's
Championship Lincoln West Lincoln-Broadwell 38-27 Jacksonville Our Saviour
2013 @ Normal Chiddix JHS
First Round Springfield Christian 34-26 Washington St. Patrick
  Danville Schlarman 36-32 Augusta Southeastern
  Bartonville Monroe 35-19 Oglesby Holy Family
  Pana Sacred Heart 34-6 Bourbonnais Maternity BVM
Semifinals Danville Schlarman 46-24 Springfield Christian
  Bartonville Monroe 39-19 Pana Sacred Heart
Third Place Springfield Christian 30-23 Pana Sacred Heart
Championship Danville Schlarman 44-40 Bartonville Monroe
2012 @ Normal Chiddix JHS
First Round Lincoln West Lincoln-Broadwell 24-16 Crescent City
  Findlay Okaw Valley 21-19 Tonica
  Danville Schlarman 40-31 Peoria Limestone Walters
  Sigel St. Michael's 35-21 Jacksonville Our Saviour
Semifinals Lincoln West Lincoln-Broadwell 33-15 Findlay Okaw Valley
  Danville Schlarman 44-20 Sigel St. Michael's
Third Place Sigel St. Michael's 25-19 Findlay Okaw Valley
Championship Danville Schlarman 35-17 Lincoln West Lincoln-Broadwell
2011 @ Normal Chiddix JHS
First Round Morton Blessed Sacrament 26-25 Gardner
  Atwood-Hammond 29-7 Peoria Pleasant Valley
  Rantoul St. Malachy 33-22 Effingham St. Anthony
  Tonica 27-24 Griggsville-Perry
Semifinals Atwood-Hammond 37-29 Morton Blessed Sacrament
  Rantoul St. Malachy 38-17 Tonica
Third Place Morton Blessed Sacrament 33-31 Tonica
Championship Atwood-Hammond 31-30 Rantoul St. Malachy
2010 @ Normal Chiddix JHS
First Round Flanagan 46-21 Martinsville
  Bourbonnais Maternity BVM 25-15 Jacksonville Our Saviour
  Odell 28-18 Cissna Park
  Bartonville Monroe 33-18 Decatur Holy Family
Semifinals Flanagan 39-31 Bourbonnais Maternity BVM
  Bartonville Monroe 34-27 Odell
Third Place Odell 27-16 Bourbonnais Maternity BVM
Championship Bartonville Monroe 38-25 Flanagan
2009 @ Normal Chiddix JHS
First Round Bartonville Monroe 27-15 Gardner
  Sigel St. Michael's 21-13 Springfield Christian
  Carrollton GS 31-27 Odell
  Cissna Park 24-20 Homer Heritage
Semifinals Sigel St. Michael's 33-30 Bartonville Monroe
  Carrollton GS 19-10 Cissna Park
Third Place Bartonville Monroe 38-26 Cissna Park
Championship Carrollton GS 24-21 Sigel St. Michael's
2008 @ Riverton HS
First Round Gifford 30-24 Kankakee Aquinas
  Sigel St. Michael's 25-24 Champaign Judah Christian
  Peoria Limestone Walters 36-29 Carrollton St. John
  Springfield Christian 23-22 Marseilles Milton Pope
Semifinals Gifford 24-17 Sigel St. Michael's
  Springfield Christian 37-19 Peoria Limestone Walters
Third Place Sigel St. Michael's 25-24 Peoria Limestone Walters
Championship Springfield Christian 36-32 Gifford
2007 @ Riverton HS
First Round Bartonville Monroe 37-10 Ramsey
  Effingham Sacred Heart 28-23 Ottawa St. Columba
  Grand Ridge 16-12 Rantoul St. Malachy
  Jacksonville Our Saviour 39-24 Springfield Christian
Semifinals Bartonville Monroe 34-29 Effingham Sacred Heart
  Jacksonville Our Saviour 41-24 Grand Ridge
Third Place Effingham Sacred Heart 19-15 Grand Ridge
Championship Jacksonville Our Saviour 50-12 Bartonville Monroe
2006 @ Assumption Central A & M MS
First Round Springfield Calvary 36-34 Sigel St. Michael's
  London Mills Valley 30-29 Ottawa Wallace
  Jerseyville St. Francis HG 28-15 Rantoul St. Malachy
  Jacksonville Our Saviour 29-22 Hume Shiloh
Semifinals Springfield Calvary 33-17 London Mills Valley
  Jerseyville St. Francis HG 39-30 Jacksonville Our Saviour
Third Place London Mills Valley 36-26 Jacksonville Our Saviour
Championship Springfield Calvary 40-36 Jerseyville St. Francis HG

Class History

The IESA sanctioned girls basketball in 1979. There was one class of girls basketball until 1986 when the activity was split into 7th and 8th grade classes. From 1990-2005, the Association adopted the format of 7th and 8th grade play based upon a school's enrollment (7A, 7AA, 8A and 8AA). Starting in 2006, the Association adopted a four class system in each grade level (7-1A, 7-2A, 7-3A, 7-4A, 8-1A, 8-2A, 8-3A and 8-4A). The current classification system assigns 25% of the schools to each of the four classes.

How Class Split is Determined

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