IESA Speech
2019 Judges' Choice Winners
Area 1
Event School Selections Participants
Improv Duet Acting Geneseo MS Thomas Allen, Jeron Neal
Geneseo MS Grady Bernahl, Kwin Vankerrebroeck
Sterling Challand Kiera McCue, Abbigail Palmer
Original Script-Duet Sterling Challand The Court Case
Yamaan Alkhalaf, Kyle Hutchison
Regular Duet Acting Geneseo MS Just Cuz
Macy Litherland, Leah Roemer
Geneseo MS Fast Feud
Noah Disterhoft, Nolan Griffith
Geneseo MS What a Team!
Buddy Henderson, Sam Mosbarger
Geneseo St. Malachy Fast Feud
Lucas Herstedt, Hayden Schaaf
Rockford Lutheran "Juliet and Ophelia" from Anger Management
Emma Buczkiewicz, Alise Heinrich
Rockford Lutheran "Josie and Pete" from Somewhere, Nowhere
Ava Buczkiewicz, Claire James
Sterling Challand TV Treasure Hunt
Owen Gaffey, Jonas White
Small Group Acting Geneseo MS Camp Ohmygosha
Celina Pena, Ella Pettit, Grace Schilling
Kewanee Wethersfield So Long, Kitty
Addison Anderson, Mya Collins, Cheyton Feltz
Woodhull AlWood The Young and the Soapless
Jill Anderson, Makenna Walker, Brinley Wirt
Solo Acting Amboy The Runaway
Kaylee Scanland
Kewanee Wethersfield How the Elephant Got Its Trunk
Raiyna Verway
Rockford Lutheran "Elphaba"
Madelyn Bennett
Sterling Challand My Trip to Willy Wonka’s Factory, By: Veruca Salt
Avery Moran
Sterling Challand I’m Really Good at This Stuff!
Eleanor Aitken
Team Improv Geneseo MS Sydney Hoover, Dylan Pankey, Shay Schehl, Avery Snook
Area 2
Event School Selections Participants
Chorale Newark Lisbon Red, White & Chorale
Logan Bols, Reggie Chapman, Jorgen Friestad, Kendon Hardecopf, David Monsess, Isabella Roberson, Eva Smith, Tiffany Soland, Jose Tapia, Reagan Thompson, Payton Wallin, Sophia Withrow-Steil, Zach Zabel
Improv Duet Acting Newark Lisbon Danielle Monsess, Hannah Tremme
Newark Lisbon Molly Chapman, Cory Withrow-Steil
Regular Duet Acting Millbrook The Busted Widget
Paxon Maple, Danica Peshia
Small Group Acting Morris ICS Creepy Acres
Ben Biros, Connor Latta, Caden Savoia, Ricky Thiel
Morris ICS Hickory Dickory What?
Maddie Hamer, Hayden McGhee, Makenzie Schroeder
Morris Nettle Creek Completely Malled
Emma Geiss, Ayla Phillips, Macy Shell
Solo Acting Millbrook I Am Going Crazy
Willow Hager
Morris GS "Super Sitter"
Kyla Kohler
Morris ICS I Am Not A Bully
Faith Ragan
Morris ICS The T - K
Katey Lawyer
Morris ICS Dear Virginia
Deborah Lynch
Morris ICS The Peanut Butter and Spider
Lily Mueller
Newark Lisbon Super Sitter
Danielle Monsess
Sandwich One Special Brother
Ashlyn Strenz
Area 3
Event School Selections Participants
Improv Duet Acting Crest Hill Richland Chelsea Osei, Madelyn Rudman
Shorewood Troy Payton Fraser, Karis Posteluk
Original Script-Individual Glen Ellyn Hadley Many Ways to Apologize
Daniya Chisty
Shorewood Troy 911 Story
Karis Posteluk
Regular Duet Acting Shorewood Troy The Great Goldi Lock-up
Jade Newby, Sydney Piazza
Small Group Acting Glen Ellyn Hadley Wonder Wipes
Anna Cullerton, Elizabeth Fischer, Lyla Lachapelle, Audrey Weaver
Glen Ellyn Hadley Taste of Country
Amalia Gregule, Samantha Lavin, Sofia Rosenthal, Emma Smith
Shorewood Troy Channel Surfers
Halle Berk, Savannah Groh, Caiden Koerner, Molly Murdock-Schey
Shorewood Troy Realer Than Real
Savannah Groh, Kynnedi Jackson, Jaedyn Jumper, Gabby Piazza
Solo Acting Crest Hill Richland The Cat's Meow
Kyan Santiago
Glen Ellyn Hadley Super Sitter
Olivia Pauer
Shorewood Orenic I Am Not A Bully
Jennifer Newby
Shorewood Troy Lights Out
Kendra Posteluk
Team Improv Shorewood Troy Jade Newby, Gabby Piazza, Sydney Piazza
Area 4
Event School Selections Participants
Regular Duet Acting Chillicothe What A Team
Luke Olson, Kyle Padilla
Henry-Senachwine This Speech Contest has been Cancelled
Sophia Miller, Alison Mitchell
Henry-Senachwine Help Me!
Tessa Dugosh, Madison Stanbary
Henry-Senachwine Misfits
Emma Robbins, Taylor Rowe
Ladd Ribbit
Ella Englehaupt, Mya McLaughlin
Small Group Acting Mossville A Day in the Life
Darah Hankins, Leah McGrath, Cassidy Sotter
Spring Valley Kennedy The Four In One
Haley Campbell, Ashland Hansen, Mady Ponsetti, Kassi Roof
Solo Acting Chillicothe The Tribulation Room
Tristan Conway
Chillicothe Hero, Turkey, Friend, That's My Dad
Nathan Horn
Ladd Wolf Tale
Emma Slingsby
Team Improv Spring Valley Kennedy Haley Campbell, Ashland Hansen, Mady Ponsetti, Kassi Roof
Area 5
Event School Selections Participants
Chorale Braidwood ES Let Go of My Tale!
Grace Barry, Taylor Bova, Jeremiah Bragg, Reese Brown, Kelly Correll, Aubrie Deboard, Caysie Esparza, Michael Faletti, Evelyn Furlan, Kirstin Klein, Hayley Meyer, Aryan Sharma
Regular Duet Acting Gardner Scare Me
Madeline Olsen, Annabelle Pumfrey
Gardner First Bus Ride
Nina Siano, Olivia Siano
Ottawa Rutland BUN-GEE!
Gwendalynn Jimenez, Maera Jimenez
Small Group Acting Braidwood Reed-Custer The Party Girls
Madelyn Brown, Taryn Catoire, Olivia Esparza
Solo Acting Dwight Just Between You & Me
Mikayla Chambers
Dwight I'll Be With You Shortly
Lauren Snyder
Dwight I'll Be With You Shortly
Ella Payne
Ottawa Rutland Dear Virginia
Maera Jimenez
Ottawa Wallace The Charge Up Yardsale Hill
Isabella Petty
Team Improv Braidwood Reed-Custer Erin Corcoran, Jillian Doran, Aidan Dubrovich, Mara Hudson, Dakota Wilkins, Matthew Wolf
Area 6
Event School Selections Participants
Chorale Bradley West Red, White & Chorale
Isabelle Andrade, Tyrell Berry, Sarah Bolivar, Caylee Boreman, Jordan Buckner, Carter Casteel, Collin Dersien, Landon Eilers, Samuel Gersch, Mikey Hart, Sammariah Hicks, Camora Hyde, Johana Kenison, Hunter Meredith, Olivia Mullikin, Berenice Rojas-Romero, Ruby Rowe, Jenna Russow, Natalia Williams, Brynlee Wrye
Regular Duet Acting Bourbonnais UGC Banquet of Friendship
Delaney Kreissler, Mallory McTaggart
Bourbonnais UGC Sister You're Crazy
Savannah Zirbel, Isabelle Cresswell
Bradley Central The Ham Curing
Gabe Earsley, Jamie Parks
Bradley Central Order! Order!
Erik Erlandson, Antonio Saldivar
Herscher Limestone Night Dream
Stella Cagle, Johnathan Garrett
Kankakee Bishop McNamara The Great Profundo
Oliver Heinrich, Justice Provost
Kankakee Bishop McNamara Top of the World
Tara Arseneau, Addison Kime
St. Anne Oh Grow Up!
Victoria Gaither-Robinson, Delaney Mellish
Small Group Acting Bradley Central Poof!
Chilo Brading, Callie Busick, Jace Hunt, Anna-Marie Schelling
Herscher Limestone The Buffer Zone
Sophia Brozis, Lillie Fenton, Ava Meredith, Keegan Nowman, Miranda Paetsch
Kankakee Bishop McNamara The Young and the Soapless
Carter Levesque, Christian Provost, Jay Shires
Kankakee Bishop McNamara Next Stop
Jonathan Blanchette, Ethan Jackson, Grant Naese
Kankakee Bishop McNamara Friends Forever
Gianna Brenner, Isabelle Quigley, Mary Worby
Kankakee Bishop McNamara Fight Court
Nicholas Andrews, Trinity Haigh, Samantha Lorenc, Ronneigh Turro
St. Anne Completely Malled
Kaitlin Brown, Delaney Mellish, Maria Mendez
Solo Acting Bourbonnais UGC Sermon for Success
Nicholas Johnson
Area 7
Event School Selections Participants
Improv Duet Acting Lewistown JHS Victoria Cooper, Abagail Henderson
Regular Duet Acting Lewistown JHS What a Team
Daniel Draper, Alex Kelch
Lewistown JHS Scare Me!
Alexis Parker, Mylie Sours
Lewistown JHS Acting Up
Brennan Grove, Zaya Peirce
Stronghurst West Central Joe's Pizza Parlor
Eli Dabbs, Drew Sibley
Small Group Acting Monmouth United "The Young and the Soapless"
Elly Hinton, Rose Leary, Elle Rothzen
Stronghurst West Central Camp Oomygosha
Simon Fisher, Olivia Hines, Sydnee Hines
Solo Acting Lewistown JHS The Runaway
Mylie Sours
Lewistown JHS Alone in the House
Leilah Wilcox
Stronghurst West Central Opening Tonight: Mother Goose
Mallie Rodeffer
Area 8
Event School Selections Participants
Improv Duet Acting Dunlap Valley MS Ivy Brown, Eleny Keyster
Glasford Illini Bluffs Lauren Classen, Delaney O'Connor
Original Script-Duet Elmwood POMER-MONIUM
Maddie Conklin, Lauren Feller
Regular Duet Acting Dunlap MS This Woman Needs Help
Yohghashri Karthikeyan-Stimati, Elyse Saul
Dunlap MS There's a Hittch
Mahathi Adivi, Pranaya Ramesh
Dunlap MS Lost
Siri Ugru, Rachel Yoon
Dunlap MS Moral Support
Lawrence He, Kevin Yang
Farmington Central BUN-GEE!
Collin Behrens, Dane Hitchcock
Princeville Demon Child
Natalie Bashusen, Brinae Rice
Williamsfield The Address Label
Adrionna Petty, Sidney Stiers
Small Group Acting Dunlap Valley MS I've Got to be a Princess
Lauren Barnes, Ivy Brown, Rena Zhang
Elmwood So Long, Kitty
Maddie Conklin, Mallory Kraemer, Lauren Rushing
Solo Acting Dunlap MS The Eve of an Argument
Lauren Stuck
Dunlap MS Every 30 Days
Easha Sukhavasi
Dunlap MS My Story
Lola Cox
Dunlap Valley MS What Can You do With a Chair?
Charles Zielsdorf
Dunlap Valley MS What Really Happened Between Goldilocks and the Three Bears
Faith Korger
Dunlap Valley MS What Really Happened Between Goldilocks and the Three Bears
Kathryn McMeyer
Dunlap Valley MS The Squirrel Obituary
Harmin Patel
Farmington Central Picky Eater
Kaiya Hintz
Farmington Central Grounded
Eliana Davis
Team Improv Elmwood Cece Conklin, Maci Marincic, Marra Seibert, Allie Symbersky
Area 9
Event School Selections Participants
Improv Duet Acting Peoria Academy Theresa Bartelme, Sofia Deverger
Small Group Acting Peoria Norwood Channel Surfers
Adam Davis, Aiden Davis, Peter Meismer, Corbin Spiller
Solo Acting Peoria Hollis Hey Dummy!
Zabrina Cotty
Peoria Norwood Girls
Victoria Bartolo
Peoria Norwood KIndergarten
Lorelei Melton
Area 10
Event School Selections Participants
Regular Duet Acting East Peoria Central Take the Plunge
Avery Hale, Anna Ingolia
Metamora GS Dats Amore
Zach Buemeter, Dominic Sorrentino
Spring Bay Riverview A Couple of Geniuses
Remington Lemkemann, Hannah Lotz
Spring Bay Riverview Extreme First Aid
Max Blackburn, Jacob Keller
Washington Central Sorry, I Just Got Here Myself
Sam Madden, Kylie Martinez
Washington Central The Speech Contest has been Cancelled
C J Hansen, Rachel Hansen
Small Group Acting Germantown Hills Feelings
Luke Hopp, Olivia Morris, Ben Watkins
Washington Central Group Therapy
Reed Bloch, Josh Diers, Leyton Johnson, Rachel Lohse, Elin Rottier
Solo Acting Germantown Hills Making Tracks
Grayce Wolven
Metamora GS One Special Brother
Bri Short
Metamora St. Mary's The T-K
Tommy Casey
Metamora St. Mary's Opening Tonight: Mother Goose
Bayleigh Mathews
Spring Bay Riverview Grounded
Tyler Anderson
Washington Central The Grand Tour
Rachel Hansen
Area 11
Event School Selections Participants
Regular Duet Acting El Paso-Gridley Misfits
Molly Erwin, Nellie Melick
El Paso-Gridley Misfits
Ava Brucker, Elise Brucker
Forrest Prairie Central Dud Wars
Meghan Gentry, Emilee Meister
Normal Parkside The Speech Contest has been Cancelled
Isaiah Eeten, Will Marvel
Normal Parkside On the Air
Gabrielle Montgomery, Katie Van Heuklon
Odell Sister, You're Crazy
Hana Bartnik, Emma Reichardt
Odell St. Paul What a Team
Sam Pugh, Drayden Ramsey
Small Group Acting Odell St. Paul Up, Up, and Away!
Lilly Duffy, Gianna Giacometti, Hannah Miller, Emerson Peters, Graham Wolf
Solo Acting Normal Parkside Super Sitter
Corinna Thomas
Odell The T-K
Hana Bartnik
Odell Super Sitter
Emma Reichardt
Odell Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day
Tyler Drechsel
Storytelling Normal Epiphany Beware of Mean Friends
Liz Perinchery
Area 12
Event School Selections Participants
Regular Duet Acting Buckley St. John's The Great Awakening
Ashlee Freeman, Andrew Martinez
Clifton Nash Daddy's Not Coming Home
Karmen Cody, Isabella Hemp
Crescent City Just Cuz
Sydney Fritz, Aubrie Pheifer
Watseka Glenn Raymond Dud Wars
Olivia Drake, Vanysah Hickman
Watseka Glenn Raymond What Is It?
Aaron Greene, Eli Maulding
Watseka Glenn Raymond Girl Behind the Wheel
Maya Machev, Sarah Parsons
Watseka Glenn Raymond Completely Sauced
Skyla Buwalda, Faith Yarneau
Watseka Glenn Raymond Just Cuz
Brianna Denault, Jasmine Essington
Small Group Acting Watseka Glenn Raymond Forest Therapy
Jack Combes, Hagen Hoy, Evan Labelle, Myles Lynch, Aidan Morris
Solo Acting Paxton-Buckley-Loda The Wizard of Oz
Elijah Tabor
Area 13
Event School Selections Participants
Improv Duet Acting Pekin Rankin Catrina Irby, Samantha Leichtenberg
Regular Duet Acting Bartonville GS Scare Me
Stephanie Hammond, Gracie Sims
Pekin Edison Tech Support
Camden Schulze, Haley Wagner
Solo Acting Pekin Edison Obedience Training Session
Jayohna Nieukirk
Pekin Edison I am not a bully
Riley Cady
Pekin Rankin The Runaway
Kellen Porter
Team Improv Bartonville GS Makenna Hoogerwerf, Naomi Lindley, Bella Sims, Abby Wright
Area 14
Event School Selections Participants
Chorale Tremont Hayden Alwerdt, Addilyn Faulkner, Hayden Helmig, Everett Henderson, Evan Johnson, Noel Levia, Lydia Lohnes, Kenley Molton, Jaden Morris, Brody Peck, Charlie Ropp, Eva Rynearson, Delaney Smith, Michaela Smith, Alex Steffens, Betsey Weiss, Ashlyn Zukowski
Improv Duet Acting Stanford Olympia Michael Bagby, Julia Collins
Poetry Morton JHS Aftermath
The Deserter
The Lament of the Demobilised
To Hiroshima
Amalea Herman
Regular Duet Acting Hartsburg-Emden Girl Behind the Wheel
Alayna Briggs, Celia Cross
Heyworth Mom Always Liked You Best
Jaycie Coon, Karina Dagner
Morton JHS Sister, you're crazy!
Amalea Herman, Lily Smith
Morton JHS Traffic Cop
Olivia Collins, Jake Darcy
Stanford Olympia First Day on the Job
Presley Coale, Brooke Cummings
Stanford Olympia The Last Days of Lenny's Hideaway
Grace Birkey, Jorgi Dupureur
Small Group Acting Heyworth I've GOT to Be a Princess
Akeila Brown, Chloe Clesson, Mandy Scott
Team Improv Stanford Olympia Michael Bagby, Grace Birkey, Julia Collins, Jorgi Dupureur, Anna Kindred
Area 15
Event School Selections Participants
Chorale Carthage Through the Looking Glass
Anna Biery, Katherine Biery, Brady Blanton, Audra Carroll, Jacob Clostermery, Addison Cook, Claire Huston, Gwen Huston, Roan Jackson, Draven Little, Elyse Moore, Paxton Morehouse, Corin Robinson, Olivia Schaller, Sarah Stinemates, Emma Whitaker
Improv Duet Acting Griggsville-Perry Calee Nicholson, Mariska Sheurman
Griggsville-Perry Josie Bradshaw, Fayth Shoemaker
Regular Duet Acting Mt. Sterling St. Mary Teenage Idol
Grace Boylen, Olivia Dunn
Small Group Acting Carthage Feelings, Nothing More Than Feelings
Nick Huls, Draven Little, Jacob Zanolla
Carthage Let the Games Begin
Anna Biery, Audra Carroll, Claire Huston, Olivia Schaller
Carthage The Big Switch
Addison Cook, Roan Jackson, Emma Whitaker, Hayden Wood
Carthage Mood Med, Inc.
Josie Bryan, Allison Hunter, Aliyah Jaber-Windbigler, Alishia Machado
Carthage Realer Than Real
Katherine Biery, Delaina Lambert, Maryn Roth, Sarah Stinemates
Griggsville-Perry Going Up
Josie Bradshaw, Meyghan Butler, Mariska Sheurman, Fayth Shoemaker, Emoree Stauffer
Area 16
Event School Selections Participants
Improv Duet Acting White Hall North Greene Kiera Hurt, Ethan Schenck
Poetry Greenfield The Night Bub Blevins Went Berserk
Brody Reif
Regular Duet Acting Greenfield The Grandest Larceny
Lucy Rives, Shyanne Sullivan
Jacksonville MS Hut! Hut! Hut!
Dani Clayton, Emma French
Jacksonville MS A Fine Line
Quentin Bryson-Adams, Marley Vanaken
Small Group Acting Springfield Our Savior So Long Kitty
Katie Benning, Allyson Brown, Maddy Perkins
Solo Acting Greenfield The TK
Hayden Benedict
Jacksonville MS Happily Never After
Vigardie Kimana
Pittsfield Pikeland Wolf Tale
Vinny Olson
Area 17
Event School Selections Participants
Improv Duet Acting Lincoln West Lincoln-Broadwell Anthony Estes, Mary Margaret Kretkowski
Lincoln Zion Lutheran Eli Boyd, Joe Dahmm
Springfield Christian Cohen Blakeman, Joey Simpson
Regular Duet Acting Lincoln Carroll Catholic Julianna Craig, Zoey Peacock
Springfield Iles The Great Profundo
David Adekola, Aiden Meinkoth
Small Group Acting Lincoln Zion Lutheran I've Got to Be A Princess
Lacy Buss, Sarah Dahmm, Mattea McFadden
Lincoln Zion Lutheran The Big Switch
Parker Campbell, Joe Dahmm, Charlie McFadden, Ellie McFadden
Mason City Illini Central Up Up and Away
Vincente Costodio, Caroline Dennison, Audrey Luebbert, Eli Parr, Gwen Reagan
Springfield Iles Hickory, Dickory, What?
Manassa Balasubramanian, Josie Bennett-Roth, Pearl Bryant
Solo Acting Lincoln JHS The True Story of the Three Little Pigs!
Ben Crombie
Lincoln Zion Lutheran Bubbles
Ellie Bowden
Springfield Christian Grounded
Zvee Yocius
Team Improv Lincoln JHS Karlee Allen, Kylie Boyer, Lily Brant, Emma Petro, Logan Pumfrey, Jack Soloman
Springfield Iles Jiashen Chen, Aiden Meinkoth, Alexander Shapinksy, Aryan Tokhi, Gabriel Villegas
Springfield Iles Manassa Balasubramanian, Josie Bennett-Roth, Pearl Bryant, Julia Logan
Area 18
Event School Selections Participants
Chorale Charleston A Monster Calls
Trinity Coonce, Janet Greenbirg, Abrielle Groff, Zayna Honn, Jeanna Mertz, Abby Metzger, Lucas Neal, Andrew Pearson, John Peterson, Mackensie Williams
Original Script-Duet Charleston My British Holiday
Mia Carcasi, Jeanna Mertz
Regular Duet Acting Monticello Order! Order!
Cody Ball, Kinsley Neighbors
Small Group Acting Effingham JHS Weegee
Payton Field, Charlotte Hooper, Sydney Nelson
Monticello The Young and the Soapless
Addie Barclay, Hailey Culpepper, Tynley Jackson
Solo Acting Charleston Strawberry Spring
Haylee Lassak
Area 19
Event School Selections Participants
Improv Duet Acting Mahomet-Seymour Brogan Hennesy, Kelton Hennesy
Original Script-Individual Mahomet-Seymour Brogan Hennesy
Regular Duet Acting Mahomet-Seymour Mother and Son
Brogan Hennesy, Eden Sanborn
Philo St. Thomas Misfits
Estella Dodd, Anne Schwenk
Small Group Acting Champaign St. Matthew So Long Kitty
Sarah Hege, Rylee Hutjens, Madison Steffen
Fisher Channel Surfers
Jesse Arndt, Sophie Moore, Kesiah Musick, Kailynn Sansare
Philo St. Thomas Mood Med, Inc.
Lilly Daly, Emily Decker, Rylee Reifsteck, Lucille Wiesbrook
Solo Acting Champaign St. Matthew Run with it
Paige Stark
Mahomet-Seymour A Dish Best Served Cold
Eden Sanborn
Urbana MS The Grandma Conspiracy
Maighdlin Booth-Hodges
Storytelling Champaign St. Matthew Our Eventful trip to Colorado
TY Gorrell
Team Improv Philo St. Thomas Lydia Case, Anne Schwenk, Joe Schwenk, Lucille Wiesbrook
Area 20
Event School Selections Participants
Chorale St. Joseph Ancient
Hard Knock Life
I Wonder Why Dad is so Thoroughly Mad
My Mother Says I'm Sickening
My Parents
My Parents are Making Me Crazy
Parents Just Don't Understand
Parents Just Don't Understand *Adapted
Thank You Dad
Yakity Yak
McKenzie Atwood, Lexie Barrowman, Adalyn Bell, Shelby Campbell, Addi Childers, Hunter Dressen, Jordan Johnson, Sophia Kasper, Kaleb Peoples, Karleigh Spain, Sydney Steinbach, Maddie Wells
St. Joseph Be a Pepper
Big Bang Theory
Brady Bunch
Cereal Slogans
Chili's Baby Back
Everywhere You Look
Five-Symptom Song
Gimme a Break
I'll Be There for You
Oscar Mayer Jingle
Plop Plop Fizz Fizz
She Shed
Slinky Jingle
Sometimes You Feel Like a Nut
SpongeBob Square-pants
Stuck on Band-Aid
The Muscial
Two All-Beef Patties
Rylie Barton, Chaz Bowlin, Reese Dalton, Cameron Dressen, Mea Froman, Annabelle Hueber, Connor Little, Kailynn Monson, Haley Rudolph, Reese Wheatley, Fiona Xiao
Regular Duet Acting Rantoul Eater Scare Me!
Katelynn Graham, Zoey Reichenbach
Royal Prairieview Ogden The Raft
Makennah Hamilton, Alexis Wirth
St. Joseph Acting Up
Cameron Dressen, Annabelle Hueber
Small Group Acting Rantoul St. Malachy Camp Outlaw
Blake Bermingham, Ross Gawenda, Evan Larson, Rylen Martinez
Royal Prairieview Ogden Wonder Wipes
Lauren Lannert, Miranda Loosa, Addison Ross, Ellie Ward
Royal Prairieview Ogden Franken Bro
Edward Alewelt, Aden Armstrong, Brody Hausman
Solo Acting Rantoul Eater Hey Dummy
N'Dia Chambers
Area 21
Event School Selections Participants
Regular Duet Acting Illiopolis Sangamon Valley Now Hear This
Hunter Martin, Kamryn Sturdy
Illiopolis Sangamon Valley Anybody Want My Brother (Adapted from Anybody Want My Sister)
Jacob Boggs, Morgan Keller
Illiopolis Sangamon Valley Misfits
Ella Meadows, Ava Pulliam
Illiopolis Sangamon Valley Bun-Gee
Alexis Armstrong, Tiffany Fryman
Illiopolis Sangamon Valley Joe's Pizza Parlor, May We Help You?
Sierra Hadley, Jinna Hiser
Illiopolis Sangamon Valley Going Polar
Ainsley Campbell, Allison Closs
Small Group Acting Assumption Central A & M Forks, Knives And Fakers
Alyssa Long, Jessie Neilson, Emma West
Illiopolis Sangamon Valley Doggies for Dummies
Hayli Ferriell, Alyvia Hinds, Brooklyn Warnick, Peyton Whitney
Solo Acting Illiopolis Sangamon Valley Sun Dazed
Kamryn Sturdy
Area 22
Event School Selections Participants
Improv Duet Acting Beecher Nic Flores, Anthony Moran
Frankfort Hickory Creek Rachel Bacon, Cruz Genet
Frankfort Hickory Creek Paige Jahovic, Elise Rachoy
Frankfort Hickory Creek Abby Shanesy, Kylie Steinhauser
Regular Duet Acting Beecher Scare Me!
Isabella Gonzalez, Annika Ruelo
Frankfort Hickory Creek Do You Believe in Magic?
Cruz Genet, Michael Leese
Frankfort Hickory Creek This Speedch Contest Has Been Cancelled
Aimee Markman, Elise Rachoy
Frankfort Hickory Creek Take the Plunge
Molly Reidy, Elizabeth Sambo
Frankfort Hickory Creek What A Contest!
Jayden Alexander, Liam Shannon
Frankfort Summit Hill It Happened Again
Ire Adelakun, Logan Sorensen
Lansing Memorial Hut! Hut! Hut!
Alexis Dixon, Charlis Hunley
Peotone Scare Me!
Kate Cuthbertson, Alyssa Lattz
Small Group Acting Frankfort Hickory Creek The Making of a Star
Mackenzie Bacha, Laney Feil, Giovanna Quilico
Frankfort Hickory Creek The Royal Shuffle
Katie Dendrinos, Annabelle Munoz, Samantha Nelson
Frankfort Hickory Creek A Very Mellow Drama
Michelle Nagy, Emily Oliver, Delaney Richard, Holly Scaletta
Frankfort Hickory Creek Le Cafe Internationale
Mia Phillips , Natalie Sambo, Emma Switatski
Frankfort Hickory Creek Completely Malled
Faaith Hummitsch, Elaina Nie, Lily Rudnick
Frankfort Hickory Creek The Making of a Star
Emily Clark, Brett Gentry, Emily Skopek
Peotone Feelings, Nothing More Than Feelings
Madison Bostjancic, Jack Klawitter, Sophia Klawitter
Solo Acting Manteno The Coach
Brandon Kropp
Area 23
Event School Selections Participants
Original Script-Individual Palos Heights Independence "Overcoming the Burden"
Brigid Doherty
Poetry Palos Heights Independence "Who Tells Their Story"
Enzo Restivo
Regular Duet Acting Homer Glen Hadley A Fine Line
Julianne Carway, Lilian McCarthy
Ingleside Big Hollow This Speech Contest Has Been Cancelled - Edited
Sammie Cruz, Savannah Dickson
New Lenox Martino "Sorry, I Just Got Here Myself"
Allie Draper, Isabelle Olszewski
Palos Heights Independence "Best Daddy"
Sidney Klein, Maggie Klingner
Small Group Acting Homer Glen Hadley Up, Up and Gone
Makenzie Clift, Matilda Fithian, Olivia Sweeney
Homer Glen Hadley Camp Oh My Gosha
Emma Barden, Sarah Clawson, Giuliana Molinero
New Lenox Martino "Creepy Acres"
Delaney Fiske, Reilly Gericke, Mae Powers, Rose Reitz
Solo Acting Ingleside Big Hollow I Am Not A Bully-Edited
Sammie Cruz
Ingleside Big Hollow Gram - Edited
Sammy Hernandez
Mokena Noonan I will be with you Shortly
Aidan Villasenor
Mokena Noonan The Eve of an Argument
Annie Villasenor
New Lenox Liberty Maddy Munch
Storytelling Palos Heights Independence Answering 9-1-1: Life in the Hotseat
Maggie Gleason
Palos Heights Independence "Kissing Lessons
Harry Stroobosscher

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